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im strong enough to live without you , and I quit crying long enough cuz I'm strong enough to know that Its time for you to go-

-Be careful who you give your heart to , because when you give you heart to someone You give that person the power to hurt you-

-Some people will die for love, others will die because they lost it -

-Its weird you know the end of something great is coming but you want to hold on just for one more second just so it can hurt a little more-

-Watching you walk out of my life doesnt make me bitter about love , but it makes me wonder , if I so much wanted to be with the wrong one how wonderful it will be when the right one comes along-

-Even if we never talk again please know that I am forever changed because of who you are and what you meant to me -

-Nomatter where you are, however far away , A part of me will be with you and a part of you with me will stay-

-I'll always love you , always miss you , and never forget you is what I always say, Always in my mind , always in my soul , always in my heart you shall stay-

-I know its time to let go for each and everyone of us must learn how to grow-

-Love is missing someone when your apart but somehow feeling warm inside because your still close at heart-

-Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle ....rather a beautiful reminder just how strong love can be-

-A heart truly in love never loses hope but always believes in the promise of love, no matter how long the time or how far the distance-

-Find a guy that will stay awake just to watch you sleep-

-Though Time can change so many things , I know one thing is true , time will never change the way I feel for you-

-I dont know what I would do without you , I don't know where I would be , your not just my boyfriend ....your everything to me -

-Baby after all we've been through I'm still in love with you,
Still think about you , still dream about you , still want you and need you by my side , still mad about you , all I ever wanted was you, Your still the one!-

-If I could go back in time and fix all the mistakes I Made with you I would, but I can't so All I can do is promise you a future without any-

-You are the only one ....My everything-

There is no long distance in love , It always finds a way to bring to hearts together , No matter how far or how long the one you love is away from you-

-If you love someone then distance only matters to the mind , not the heart-

-A million stars and a million dreams, he's the only star I see and the only dream I dream-

-His smile made me want to make all his lies worth believeing -

-If I never fall in love again I'm ok with that, because I had the chance to be inlove with you-

-I needed you more than I have ever needed anything or anyone my whole life, But You didnt need me , and now that the day has come that you do , I can't admit that I still need you-

-I was the one who said just how much things had changed , but you where the one who showed me just how much they did-

-The years that I've known you seem like a lifetime, the years that I've loved you seem like eternity-

-I was holding onto something that used to be there hoping it would come back but now I know it won't-


Its better to be with no one then to be with the wrong one-

*And You know our love has been through rougher weather, but our passions like a rose , the seasons tell it how it grows, and not much compares to the times we've shared together*

*I will greatly miss you , expecially your presence in my life. Now your place in my book of life is done and its time to move on. So as time goes by and there are more good-byes , I hope you remember me and thoughts of our times together*

*I loved you it's not that I fell outta love with you , because that would be impossible , I just couldn't handle the heartache anymore. It's not that I don't love you.....Its just I can't *

*No more crying , I can't cry anymore, Don't take my hand this time , just go please. And don't look back because I know if you did I would come running back*

*I'll always love you even if time finds me somebody new , from the first kiss to the very last tear*

*When You feel lonely look to the sky and know that somewhere I am beneath the same sky thinking of you and wishing you were here*

*Once you have loved someone you can do anything for them, except love them that same way again*

*Love is a rare opportunity and when that love is somehow parted its something deep down inside that wants just a reminder a slice of memory , a possesion*

*You never know how deep love goes until its time to say good-bye*

*I'll remember you when I have forgotten the rest , You and me were real you and me were the best*

*I thought it was over between you and I , the stars burnt out , and the rivers had run dry. I thought it was going to be the end, but now I'm falling for you all over again*

*When you meet that certain person all of a sudden anything is possible*

*You have my heart , thats a permanent lock. Everything I am is in love with you,, My soul , My Mind , My Heart , my Spirit, That will never change*

*They say you only fall in love once but I disagree because everytime I hear your voice I fall in love all over again*

*Where ever you go , whatever you do , where ever you are, my heart is with you. No matter how far I will always be near, Whenever you need me I'll be right here*

*If only I could hold you now and let you know just how happy I am to have you in my life, Don't expect me to let go , I would rather lose my life then to live without you*

*Ever since I was young I never understood anything that happened in my life, The only thing that has ever made since is you, and how I feel about you , Thats all I know and that enough for me for the rest of my life*

*Love , I can see forever in you eyes , and I see heaven in your smile, when I hold you close I don't want to let go because deep in my soul I know you are the only light I see, and you love means everything to me *

*You need trust to love , but first you need love in order to trust*

*To love someone is to understand each other , to laugh with each other and smile with your heart and to trust one another. One important thing is to let go of each other if you can't do this *

*When speaking of lost love , time may heal all the wounds but the scar still remains*

*We have been through the fire , it almost tore us apart, What we have is stronger than steel , its the bond of the heart*

*Breaking up is not a stupid thing , instead it makes you a better person and helps you realize your mistakes*

*I love you with the breath , smiles , and tears of my life*

*Never let anyone tell you whats in your heart its what your feeling not them*

*Real lost only occurs when you lose something you love more than yourself*

*A failing love is like desperatley hanging on to something precious ; not wanting to give up but your hands feel the pain. And when you finally let go, Your free from any pain but you hands are empty*

-Letting go of someone dear to you is hard, but holding on to someone who doesnt feel the same for you is even harder. Giving up doesn't mean your weak , it means your strong enough to let go-

-Losing you is like losing my heart-

-Fate brought you back to me this time I'm not gonna let go I'm gonna love you until the end-

-There were reasons we met, reasons for the good time and reasons for the bad times , and more importantly a reason to end. We have more to learn , more to experience and more loving to do in this lifetime-

-No one can ever promise you they'll never hurt you , because at one time or another it will happen.The real promise is if the time you spent together will be worth all the pain in the end-

-You will never forget you first love , thats what makes it so special, You love so hard, so deeply , so intensely because you don't know any different. Its the best until its over then you hurt like you've never hurt before, Eventually you love again , but you love differently , You will love more carefully more cautiously , just know that there is always so much more love waiting for you , but there will always only be one first-

-Sometimes the one thing you are looking for is the one thing you can't see-

-If I know what love is , its because of you-

-Love is never wanting you to change, because who you are is who I fell in love with, therefore never change-

-I'm afraid of loving you for the rest of my life, and I'm afraid of losing you for the rest of my life-

-Sometimes we have to be alone-

-A lost love is a part of you that will always remain empty, A love that could have been shared forever-

-I love you ....I've always loved you-

-I love you madly , though you treat me so badly-

-A long time ago I asked god to send me a decent guy, well all I have to say is ....god has some serious explaining to do-

-I don't want to lose you, what we have is the only thing that makes since to me-

-Love cannot be measured in days or time , It can only be measured in the kisses that you give him while he's there , or the tears you cry when he's not-

-Somehow I know we'll meet again , not quite sure where and not sure when , Your in my heart so until then good-bye-

-I made the right choice to finally let go because I can't stand this pain, Its time for my last tear to drop and for me to smile again-

-We came together underneath the stars above, What started out as liking soon turned into love, I senced a certain something that my heart felt true, I knew I waited all my life to fall in love with you-

-Everyone out there has someone thats perfect for them, I'm so glad I found my perfection-

-You move my heart you move my soul, you light up my very exsistance , for this I will always love you-

-Everything I have ever done has been for you, everything in me is you-

-If ever a day should go by when i don't say I love you , may there never be a moment go by without you knowing i do -

-Your too many tears to late to ever get back in my arms-

-Theres still a part of me that want to take you back in my arms like it used to be, but I've changed-

-I could love you again, but i don't think I want to -

-If seperation happens and you both come back, it means you were meant for each other-

-My 1st love is and will always be my only love-

-And if your feeling scared remember the times we've had , you know they meant everything to me-

-You still love the person , You just stop needing them like you used to-


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